(Nov 11-12 | 11am – 8pm)


On the expo floor, the industry meets the consumer!

Videogame developers, virtual reality companies and universities promote their demos, technologies and programs.

Learn the basics steps to make a videogame using Unity, Unreal and Swift (Apple) at our Videogame Development Lab.

Have fun and let your imagination fly while developing, building and programming drones, or learn about our LEGO education program and Makey Makey at our STEAM LAB.

Go back in time and enjoy our classic and retro videogame consoles….and even some arcades at our Videogames Area.

Show off your skills and prove you’re the number one gamer at our different Videogame Tournaments!

Additional activities feature cosplay, art galleries, wrestling matches, live music, meet & greet with special guests from the film and videogames industry, and more!


(Nov 10 | 10am – 5:30pm)

REGISTRATE AQUI: https://forms.gle/aydgVJBEzGKHZhM96


Conferences and workshops targeted at University students and current developers alike put them on the path to success.

Gamacon provides the opportunity for the audience to hear professionals’ experiences, learning about trends and identify opportunities within this industry.

Learn about Creativity, Production, Virtual Reality and Business & Marketing.

Join one of our workshops to hone your skills in Unity, Unreal, and Swift.

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(Nov 10 | 7pm – 10pm)


At business roundtables, meet with game developers and artist from Mexico and other parts of the world, educational institutes, regional committees, and the government institutions in charge of the economic development of the State.

Meet the developers that could make your next game.

Get in touch with companies looking to publish new IPs.

Find the location and staff to open a local office of your business.

Discover your next off shore game studio.

Get in touch with companies looking to outsource.

ONLY BY INVITATION. For more info email hcastro@gamacon.mx, subject: “Encuentro de negocios Mexicali 2023.”


Gamacon is a non-profit organization, founded on March 14th 2008, with the objective of boosting the videogame, animation and creative media development industry in Mexico.

Our three main objectives are:

Generate business opportunities for the Mexican development studios
Complement and support the academic programs of the educational institutes
Promote the Mexican culture and art through digital means

Facilitate the meeting between the different participants of the value chain in the video game, animation and creative media development industry to generate business opportunities, alliances, investments and agreements. Complement and support the academic programs of the educational sector that will prepare young entrepreneurs interested in this industry. Generate events that promote the culture and art of this industry putting them in direct contact with the final consumer..

Establish Mexico as an important pillar in the videogames, animations and creative media development industry in the world. A country with young entrepreneurs and talented people, leaders in the educational sector and the generation of business opportunities, and avid promoters of our Mexican culture and art.